1910 – The first generation of pastry chefs, Jean Cobarsí, started his activity in a confectionery workshop in the village of French Catalonia, Ceret. His specialties include nougat marzipan, pralines, candied fruit and nougats long conservation.
1930 – Cobarsí moves his "Confiserie Roussillonaise", as it was then called, to Santa Coloma (Girona). Here he enlarges his product range and starts manufacturing bulk pastry.
1935 – From the hand of Juan Cubarsí, son of Cobarsí and the second generation of pastry chefs in the family, the business moved to Sant Feliu de Guíxols (Girona). The product range continues evolving and starts expanding around the province. To remark their meringues, cream rolls, candied fruit and cream tartlets, etc.
1960 – Cubarsí son started building a factory in the center of Girona dedicated to the production of specialized pastry. He expands the business to the rest of Spain and begins to make a name among small manufacturers and traders of sweets and snacks.
1995 – With Joan Cubarsí, the third generation, they build a new and modern manufacturing plant in Girona suburbs. Cubarsí’grandson begins to expand sales to Europe and soon to the rest of the world. His proactive nature makes him invest in trade fairs, market research trips and business missions, along with a large commercial team, he eventually got results. Since its inception in France and Italy up to over 40 countries worldwide nowadays.
2011 – The good export business climate along with the national market, lead to the acquisition of a new production plant of 8.500m2 in the village of Bonmatí, 15 km far from Girona. With a long term transfer forecast, Cubarsí begins preparing the plant to suit the needs of a modern factory and modern industrial bakery.
2013 – In collaboration with a large national sales team he also constitutes "Bonmatí Corp.", an import company. The company is dedicated not only to the national market and export but it also identifies foreign products that can fit into the Spanish market using the manufacturer's own brand and white label "Bonmatí" on many occasions as well.
2015 – At the end of the year, the work of factory adaptation and the relocation of Horno de San Juan to Bonmatí are already made.
2016 – We hope to continue the good work and to keep and enlarge the great human and professional team that is making possible one of the great desires of the Cubarsí family.